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About Me

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Hello. My name is Samantha Joe, you can call me Sam, Sammy Joe, Joe, or whatever tickles your fancy except... if you call me Fifi.. well..

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Ha! I am an ENFP-T (take test?)

Likes: Sergei Yesenin, Oscar Wilde, pizza, Batman, my Galaxy e tab
Dislikes: hate, smelly feet, liver and onions

Obsessed with: Supernatural, The X-Files, The Walking Dead, Goodfellas, mobster movies in general. Leonardo Di Caprio + River Phoenix -- and Johnny Depp.

Astrological Sign: Cancer with a Sagittarius ascendant

Can I contact you?: hazeleyednorthernbeauty@gmail.com

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Another zombie day....

 First an article or two. The first one came about when I was reading someone's LJ where they had visited this region with compassion. The second I just.... I felt like Elisa was someone I knew... weird eh? Of course, I haven't nor will ever meet her but.... I can't shake the feeling of this 'knowing'. Capisce?

I feel like a bloody zombie today. My sister told me that Justin is bad news and that I should cancel out... which I did. He hangs out with the wrong crowd she said. WHY DO I ALWAYS FALL FOR THE BAD BOYS?! *headdesk*

I'm just going to get breakfast and roll back to bed. I have Sheldon Cooper as my home screen and lock screen on my tab. Geek chic! :D


That utakata song is searing my soul btw... just sayin'.
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Argh!! ^^

 I have this one song in my head and I blame [personal profile] hitokage... it's impossibly beautiful... almost makes me want to cry... 

I am literally melting into a puddle of human goo. Wait, backtrack... ugh. Never mind.

This week is free of any appts... save for an emergency visit to the bloody dentist. My filling is acting up. :( Maybe I'll get Wen to book me in this week.... if it isn't so FRACKING hot out. Tomorrow Julz says will not have a humidex, but... BUT! We shall see. Call me a doubting Thomas. The sun is jeering at me and saying that it's not going to give up until Old Man Winter kicks it's arse out.... and I believe it. August is, if not the hottest month in summertime in Canada. 

I need relief. I need a fracking cold shower. Maybe tomorrow? Near heart stopping ice cold. Yeah!

I am seriously digging Kagrra. I wonder what Isshi died of?

Ok... I will stfu now.

Oh, a small side note to my new lovelies... something that the others know already... I talk a lot... and I'm very opinionated. ;)


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Happy Caturday

 Image may contain: meme and cat, text that says 'HI, WE UNDERSTAND YOU ARE 40 AND STILL NOT MARRIED.'

Happy Caturday y'all! I figured out what I'm going to do with my refund. I'm going to get a white PS Vita and then, a $50 Nintendo card and get Ultra Moon, and then spend the rest on Bees. :) I love her and want her to be happy so whatever she wants, is what we will do. <3

Wassup with my lovelies?
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From MM

 From my newest lovely [personal profile] ng_moonmoth 

1) alibi

2) surfing

3) pemmican

OK. Here goes nothing...

1) An alibi is a reason... as to where you were the night of your dog's murder. (Yes! You!) Or if you ate all the banana pancakes (yum! That would be me...) and you wanted to stick it onto your older brother... yeah. HE DID IT MOM! :p

2) Surfing... ah well, there are 3 types. Board. Body and Internet. Board surfing is hard but cool... in Australia you get called a sheila (if you are a girl that is), body surfing is something I've done and it is nice. Internet surfing is my forte esp. at night if I can't sleep. Ha!
3) Pemmican is something I thought I needed to google but, I believe that pemmican is.. or was a type of currency? Like beads or goods like food... *asks the people in the back if I'm failing* Yepp. I am. LOL

Now I've got to figure out where in the downloads folder my alien purple skin goes, in the hacks or the regular downloads... do you know? If any of you play the Sims 2 please tell me as my brain is on permanent vacation.


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My second favorite Prince turns 6 in two days!

 That's right. Prince George is getting to be a big boy... that kid is going to break a lot of hearts when he gets older... <3 In case you are wondering, my favorite Prince is Wills. <3<3<3

I can't believe this family... they act as if Canada is like in Europe or somewheres.. it's funny. I love it. XD I suggested they google 'zesty mordant' and to try dill pickle chips. ^^ If you do decide to google zesty mordant then, beware it is slightly nsfw. And why do Americans always think everything tastes of maple? Yes, we do have superior maple syrup from Quebec. (Don't have it anywhere else. The real deal is from La Belle Province!) but not everything tastes like it lol... and peanuts are spiders? :p

I can't wait for the end of the month... bc, I get my tax return. IDK what I'm going to do with it. Depends on how much I will get. I can't remember how much they said but I think about $200? I'm not sure.

I will sim today... I want to make the original Skull family on the Sims 2. I've got the red eyes so...

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Of ETs and consulting rubber ducks and a bit of 80's music

 From Atlas Obscura -- alien hunting! (without the gunshots and all that grue) and from [personal profile] mdlbear -- consulting a rubber duck about anything! And...

I went to see the diabetes team... pretty good... but is it ever hot out... and muggy too! :o I drank a whole water bottle (like those 1000 ml ones?) of water... I was that parched. :)

We had hot dogs and pierogies for lunch. Yummy!!!

I am going to take a nap after this and maybe later play the Sims... I still haven't gotten any feedback on who should be heir... the Mills story is right here


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Today is one of those zombie days...

 But, it's entirely my fault. I stayed up til 12am on FB and Pinterest looking at cats and yummy recipes (thus making my tummy hungry lol) and I call Terri-Lynn a crazy cat lady? Nooo... that title belongs with me. Ha!!

I had a dream where I found two computers. One was like a Surface type and the other was a giant laptop. I mean like 18'... or more. :o So I gave the smaller one to Sammie.... (yes we have a Sammy and a Sammie in da house lol) and she gave it back... and then I dreamed that Bola was eating something with green in it. I took a bite and asked her if she liked avocados and she said no... I love them... :D

Weird ass dreams. I need sleep and then I will read LJ + DW.

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The Mills family

 Read it here. I need your opinion. The alien twins are not my favorite, but that is just me. Tell me what y'all think...

In other news, well.. I am rescheduling my appt with Angelique bc tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest yet. It's so hot my glasses are fogging up with my breath. :/

Also, Pammy comes in to relieve Wen. I hope she makes her cheesecake again. Shit that stuff is goooooooooooooooooooood... she makes them cupcake size, so it's not so bad for me. :D

I hope I'm not catching what Bola has. Crikey! She's coughing really badly and I've got a tickle in my throat... *sighs*

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Odd dreams that I can't remember....

 But I vaguely remember talking in my sleep ... which is strange... I remember waking up and going back to sleep (in my dreams I suppose!) over and over and talking about stuff but for the life of me, I can't remember what! *raises hands to the sky* IDK.

It's going to be extremely hot today and tomorrow. Thank God Angelique is seeing me in the morning. There is NO WAY in hell I am going out in the aft today or tomorrow. I hope to high heavens that there is a grand thunderstorm that follows this hellish heat. :(

It's a day to stay in and sim! :D

Julz's sim got abducted and had twins. :) I'm going to try and get my sim abducted too. :)


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