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Hello. My name is Samantha Joe, you can call me Sam, Sammy Joe, Joe, or whatever tickles your fancy except... if you call me Fifi.. well..

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Ha! I am an ENFP-T (take test?)

Likes: Sergei Yesenin, Oscar Wilde, pizza, Batman, my Galaxy e tab
Dislikes: hate, smelly feet, liver and onions

Obsessed with: Supernatural, The X-Files, The Walking Dead, Goodfellas, mobster movies in general. Leonardo Di Caprio + River Phoenix -- and Johnny Depp.

Astrological Sign: Cancer with a Sagittarius ascendant

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A Sims update is live at my LJ

And you can leave anon comments too, just let me know who you are mmkay? Click! I cannot believe that the Houston Astros, the worst team in baseball, won over the Blue Jays! Holy frack!!! :o :o :o

How are y'all today? I'm peachy keen. My arse hurts so I'm going to get up and get some breakfast. 

Til later?


Love this piece...

 I think that she is beautiful just the way she is. Totally. If I go gray or white like my nana, then, so be it. I want to be like Gabbard. :) Gray and proud. :D

I am so tired... I might just install the Sims 2 and 3 and download the rest tomorrow. I'll play the Sims 2 and/or the Sims 3 and 4 later.... I want to get some H2O and go to sleep.

Bon nuit.


 I've gone and done it. I am updated with Win10. I hope the pundits at Microsoft are happy. Oy... 

I'm watching a Jaws movie. Sharks aren't my thing. I did not like Ripley's Aquarium... or the fish store here in town bc they have shark feeding on Saturdays... Oh! On AMC on Saturday they are having an SK marathon, all the good shit is on, Creepshow, um... maybe Cujo, the Shining... ohhh yeahh.. I'm there.

So, more on Win 10, I like the reader that Edge has. That is really useful. I thought they were going to frack me over and tell me that I can't update but nope. Updated with ease. :) I have Shawn Mendes as my wallpaper. He is so cute! :D 

I have downloaded the Sims 2, 3 and I will get the 4th later on.... ugh... I ate too much pizza. :) Haha!! There isn't such a thing as too much! Pizza = <3

I had a cool refreshing shower and I feel great! :D

Maybe after I install the Sims 2 and 3 and play the Sims 2 for awhile, I will download the Sims 4. I'm going to change the channel... Weekend at Bernies! OMG that was such a funny movie!! Can you imagine hanging around a dead person (voluntarily of course) like that? LOL No offense to dead people or anyone who DOES do that... like morticians?

Wow! I do like to shoot my mouth of eh?




More stuff later... y'all are going to hate me but I am downloading  Win10. *ducks flying objects*



The weather systems

Um, I just woke up from a dream where I was watching a spider spin her web around a stick.... but I guess it was a bit of a nightmare as I hate spiders and it was a black widow spider... and she was thisclose to me. Urgh!!

But I digress.... the weather... oy. We are getting a bit of it too... in the form of rain and t-storms. Supposed to get a real good one today. Have you seen the thing about Dorian? Scary shit!! Closer to home, I guess, is a bit better...

If you are in Dorian's or any other storm's path, BE SAFE!!! *wrings hands*

I will pray for y'all.